Freestyle #1

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Explicit, New and Popular Music

You are absolutely lovely
Lovin every second you touch me
When I’m with you, you get all bubbly
Take my breath away like a hit from a doobie
When I look into those beautiful eyes
I thank God for sendin an angel from the sky
Can’t keep anything from you
Not even a lie
Take my breath away
I feel like I’mma die
I know we both don’t want this to end
If it does, can we still be friends
It’s gonna be a rough ride like a river with its bends
Is this real, cause somethin this great must be pretend
You’re the perfect girl for me though
I hope you don’t play me like the Nintendo
I’m down for whatever yo into
Keep you at the top like you on a pedistool
There ain’t no one better than you
Your love is oh so true
You seem to make the stormy weather go away
You keep me in check when I go astray
I’m glad I get to see you almost everyday
This is why I gotta say
Too many times have I been done wrong
Never knew you were the one all along
Baby it’s all about you in this song
Take my breath away like a hit from a bong


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